S.O.M.R. High Precision Machining

For the past 45 years, S.O.M.R. has been specializing in precision machining, tooling, and the fabrication of mechanical assemblies.


SOMR offers a complete range of techninal services able to meet various industry needs. Our production service is divided into three departments.


Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and hight-precision grinders, SOMR is able to machine parts for the airframe industry as well as for the commercial production-tooling industry (cutting and shaping presses).


We undertake to maintain and continuously improve the quality of our products while adhering to all the requirements of the AS9100-C/ISO9001-2008 quality management standard and by relying on our most important resource, our employees.


Your needs are simples or complexes... We will give you all necessary support and help you design and realize adapted solutions.

SOMR - High Precision Machining


  • AS9100C, ISO9001:2008
  • MACH 3 from Aero Montreal
  • High-precision continuous 5 axis cnc machining
  • Expertise in machining exotic materials
  • Forming
  • Great expertise in conventional machining and grinding
  • Sheet metal
  • Ball bearing Installation (staking and swaging
  • Welding
  • ERP/MRP System
  • Bombardier VIP Program
  • Catia programming

Specializing in precision tooling, machining and mechanical manufacturing for over 40 years, S.O.M.R. (Société d'outillage M.R. Ltd) create his brand name since 1971, and added to its activities the manufacture of aeronautic field products.

In 2014, S.O.M.R. acquire a more comfortable 38,000 square-feet facility to meet the growing needs of his customers.

Througout its existence, the compagny enjoyed sustained growth. In recent years, S.O.M.R. participated in several projects in the aeronautical sector and collaborated on manufacturing parts for the Department of National Defense.

Today, S.O.M.R is a recognized leader in Quebec's precision parts manufacturing industry. Our company expertise is acknowledged for meeting the high sandards of Quality required in the aeronautical field: the certifications AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008.

S.O.M.R. offers technical services able to meet variety of industry needs. By browsing our web pages on « services » and « technologies » topics , you will have a more precise idea on our capability to cooperate in your industrial projects.

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